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Supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Home from Home believes that SEND children’s achievement is a ‘whole’ setting priority. A commitment throughout the setting to make sure we do absolutely everything we can to support children to reach their potential, and be able to evidence this. We ensure all children have access to assessments that are clearly explained to parents. For example, respond to concerns as early as possible-(Assess) put appropriate support in place (Do) review the impact of support regularly (how is it going?) To support this approach, we are creative in bringing in support that works for us and working with other colleagues. We also provide target training focused on teaching practice at teachers/Practitioners as well as specialist staff such as the SENCO, for example, Makaton -sign language, Autism training etc.

We co-operate with the LA in Local Offer (LO) development and review. Publish information about our arrangements for children with SEN and annual cohort review of progress.

Home from Home believes achievement for all children is best fostered in a setting with an ethos of high expectations, where high quality care, teaching and learning is at the heart of all we do.

Supporting 'every' child

Pupil premium

Our Pupil premium principles are based on the settings mission statement, that we value diversity and believe every child should have the chance, the right to learn, regardless of personal circumstances. All pupil premium money is allocated directly, and is used solely as it was intended. A robust monitoring and evaluation system is in in place to account for the use of the Pupil Premium, by the setting.

Good practice at Home from Home includes:

  • Practice and the curriculum is designed and regularly reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of all children
  • Teaching and learning is the main focus for raising achievement
  • Additional targeted interventions support and complement room based provision
  • children from disadvantaged backgrounds benefit fully from setting wide opportunities to develop the cultural and social skills needed to support transition to their next stage of education
  • In 2014-2015 Home from Home received a pupil premium grant of £302. This money was used in a number of ways to support the learning and achievement of children concerned in keeping with the principles as described above.


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