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What our parents and children say about us...

“Dear Linda, Dave and all the home from home family, Thank you so much for all the love, kindness and support you’ve given Isabella over the last 3.5 years. You’ve helped her grow from a teary little 11 month old into a confident, happy little girl excited and ready for big school. Home from home has truly been a second home and she has enjoyed every moment and loved every person she has met. The friends and memories she has made will stay with her, and us, a lifetime”

Daniela and Will – mum and dad to Isabella

“We just wanted to write to say a massive thank you for all the care, teaching and love that you have shown for Hannah over the last three years. Before that, you also showed the same dedication in looking after Thomas, and as a family, we are very grateful. We will miss our trips up to Bernard Street, but Hannah and Thomas will continue to grow on the fantastic foundations you helped them to build”

Susanna - Hannah and Thomas’s mum

“Thank you for the last 4 years - from his first day in Fledglings with Katie to his last day in Owls with Lindsey. Thank you to so many wonderful people for helping to make Felix the happy, confident, energetic boy he is today. We love you all and I know Felix will really miss this place. With love and Hugs…”

Lucy – mum to Felix

“Thank you for all of your care, love and kindness when we first settled, and continued to settle, and for all of your laughter, fun and adventure each and every day. We are so happy and so blessed to have had you in our lives. We wish all of you the very best for the future, and thank you for making such amazing memories for Oscar and Gracie”

Diana and Richard – mum and dad to Oscar and Gracie

"Our children have both been at Home from Home since they were 7 months old and have had the best start in terms of an introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage. The care they have received has been outstanding and we could not have asked for anything more. Our son was diagnosed with a medical condition at 9 months. With the ongoing professionalism and support from the nursery, and the willingness of the SENCo to work alongside our son's Teacher of the Deaf, he is now hitting all of the milestones he should be for a boy of his age. Our daughter has always been a curious child who likes to be stretched and challenged. She is thriving at the nursery and is more than ready for the next stage of her education in school thanks to the superb guidance and care she has been given. We feel blessed that our children are a part of the Home from Home family and that they are growing into confident, happy and resilient children!"

Daniela - Marco, Carlo and Mia's Mummy

"Just wanted to say thank you for parent's evening last night. I was really impressed by Colin's obvious commitment to Rory's wellbeing. He talked me through some of the things he's been doing to encourage Rory to interact with the wider group, and put Thomas the Tank engine down occasionally! Good to see such passion and interest, and to know that Rory's getting the same good set up for school that Lara received".

Sarah - Lara and Rory's Mummy

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do. Lilly is always so full of stories from nursery and has absolutely thrived. We have seen for ourselves what a great job you all do. We wish we could take Home from Home with us to Chelmsford; her next nursery has a tough act to follow. Thank you"

Catherine and Jonathan, parents of Lilly

"Your staff are without exception, kind and loving towards the children, and helpful. Makes such a difference to know my little one is in good hands as I go to work in the morning".

Laura - Scarlett's Mummy

"Dearest loveliest Home from Home, second mummies (and daddies!). I'm so sorry mummy wasn't organised enough to get all your names and addresses to invite you to my Christening. I had a lovely day and I thought you might like to share in it with these tiny pieces of cake".

Scarlett, aged 1 year (written with mummy's help!)

"I love you teachers. I'm going to school soon and I'll miss you. Thank you for having me around a lot of times. I had a great time at the nursery and I made lots of friends, who I played babies, mums and dads with".

Alexandra, aged 4 years

"Thank you for hosting me for work experience. I enjoyed the week and learned a lot about caring for young children. It was also very nice to see how it had changed since I'd been there and I am glad to see that it has progressed well. I hope you receive another outstanding Ofsted report; you deserve it".

Isabelle, work experience student who attended the nursery as a child!

"I was very surprised and impressed with the content of the 2 year check and learning summary provided, it was extraordinary to have been provided with so much information about the child".

Quote from an outside professional

"I just want to say the information and communication you guys send out is fantastic and prolific".

Philip, Sam's Daddy

''At 11mths, I guess part of me was wondering how can nursery be better than what I can provide for my own child? 2 1/2 yrs later and I can't tell you what a blessing nursery has been for us. The warm, social setting, the messy play! Nursery staff who feel more like extended family than staff. Their dedication, their hard work, their imagination lights up my daughter's eyes every day. She loves it. Maybe that's why when it's home time...she turns and says 'thank you for loving me'. Well done team!''

Laura, Review on Daynurseries website.